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Drug or alcohol addiction carries many adverse effects including lack of energy, financial instability and conflicts at home or work. Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers in Oxnard, CA offer programs and services to help patients break free from substance dependency and live a happier life.

A Life Change for the Better

Long-term sobriety and a more fulfilling life is the end goal for many patients seeking treatment at rehabilitation centers. With the stigma against drug and alcohol rehab slowly dissipating in a more liberal society, successful inpatient alcohol and drug addiction treatment has become commonplace.
However, inpatient drug rehab centers in Oxnard acknowledge that not everyone is capable of self-regulation without guidance. Inpatient drug rehab programs conduct a variety of seminars which help patients acquire skills to be able to resist the lure of drugs and alcohol and ward off a relapse. These skills boost the physical resistance and mental strength of the patient which help him improve his personal life and develop in his career.

Inpatient and inpatient programs both play a critical role in the recovery of a patient. They serve as a protective barrier between addicts and drugs and alcohol which are hindrances to a happy life. Seeking treatment is a humbling but life changing decision for addicts. It is a small step in the right direction wherein the addict lucidly admits his personal limitations and acknowledges that he needs help.

Inpatient therapy is the best choice for some patients. This is usually the case for those who need urgent medical care such as detoxification in order to survive. Also, for those who wish to be part of a single community focused on recovering from addiction or are in need of a new environment free from the pressures of daily life at work, inpatient treatment may be best. For many however, the cost of inpatient treatment facilities creates the impression that help is out of reach.

Why Choose an Inpatient Rehabilitation Program?

Financial constraints and social commitments often dissuade drug and alcohol addicts from seeking help through an inpatient rehabilitation program. However, few consider the benefits of inpatient treatment which can be just as helpful.

Inpatient drug rehabilitation programs are for a wide range of people with problems involving substance abuse. For addicts, it is the first step on their way to achieving long-term sobriety. For graduates of inpatient treatment programs or those who have been successfully rehabilitated, inpatient treatment is a lifeline to prevent relapses and continue treatment.

Inpatient treatment is not for everyone. All too often, the cost of treatment and the intensive schedule away from work and family makes it difficult for the patient to sustain treatment. In such cases, inpatient treatment for alcoholism and drug addiction is a viable alternative. It is affordable as patients do not have pay high fees for the use of facilities. It is also flexible as inpatient treatment programs are designed to fit with the patient’s commitments in school or at work.

Attempting to face the problems of addiction alone is often a task far too daunting for an individual. This usually leads to personal struggles with family and friends as well as difficulty in keeping a steady job or staying in school. Inpatient treatment pulls a patient from society which can make coping quite difficult. This increases the likelihood of a relapse. In such cases, inpatient rehabilitation achieves better results.

Services at Oxnard Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Center

A holistic approach is essential to address the myriad of ill effects associated with addiction. Inpatient treatment programs at our alcohol and drug rehab center combine group therapy and various forms of counselling to help a patient recover in various aspects of life. Attention is essential to successful therapy. As such, sessions are conducted in groups or individually and are facilitated by a dynamic counsellor. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation program is comprised of the following activities:
  1. Rebuilding the Self: This workshop aims to address self-esteem issues. It aims to help the patient build confidence to properly address issues at home and in the workplace in order to develop a support system in his immediate community.
  2. Rebuilding at Work: This workshop consists of seminars on career planning, financial management and stress management in order to help the patient regain his mettle in the workplace.
  3. Rebuilding the Family: A strong support system helps facilitate recovery from addiction. This program includes a family day and other workshops which aim to elicit participation from the patient’s family in the recovery process.
  4. One-on-One Counselling: This aims to address private matters related to the cause of addiction such as grief, depression, loneliness or trauma.
  5. 12-Steps to a Better Life: A guide to a 12 step program which patients can apply to live a more effective life. 
  6. Relapse Prevention: A seminar that helps graduates of the addiction treatment program to overcome the temptations of a relapse and steer clear of addiction for good.
  7. Legal Assistance: Many patients require assistance in filing reports with an agency in order to complete their rehabilitation process. Oxnard Inpatient and Drug Rehabilitation Centers facilitate this by offering filing assistance to patients.
Upon completion of an intake assessment, the rehabilitation center designs an inpatient treatment program that best fits the personal needs of a patient. Personal needs and the patient’s history of substance abuse are primary considerations for the drug rehabilitation center in scheduling treatment for a patient.

Alternative Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Rehab Programs

Inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs offer an assortment of programs and services which are designed to address specific needs of the patient. In general however, these programs are centered on key recovery needs such as continuity of support, family participation, individual therapy, group therapy and reintegration into society where basic needs such as education and livelihood instruction are provided. To bolster the success of treatment, patients are also encouraged to participate in alternative 12 step programs for specialized groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

For those who are looking for alternative treatments, Neurofeedback is available in some centers in the Oxnard area. Neurofeedback guides the patient through a process of self-regulation of brain functions in order to be able to ward off the temptation of drugs and alcohol. Studies have shown that when combined with an inpatient treatment program, Neurofeedback nearly doubles the rate of successful recovery.

3 Reasons Why Inpatient Rehab Centers in Oxnard are Better

Globalisation has made a multitude of options available for treating addiction. Determining the right type of treatment for one’s self can be confusing. However, here are some points to consider when determining whether seeking inpatient drug and alcohol rehab at Oxnard is right for you:
  • Oxnard has a long standing and proven track record for successful rehabilitation.
  • The clinical staff at the centers in Oxnard combines the care and genuine concern for the human person with expertise in their field to provide the best service possible.
  • Treatment is financially viable because most centers accept major insurance policies
Oxnard Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers aim to make drug and alcohol rehabilitation accessible for patients from all walks of life. Addiction is overcome faster with help. Through a coordinated inpatient rehab program facilitated by experts and with the participation of the patient’s family, recovery is within reach.
Need addiction help? Call one of the above drug rehab centers now.
You won't face your drug or alcohol addiction alone with the help of inpatient treatment centers in Ventura County.  You will be placed with other people who are working to overcome their own addictions. While in the inpatient drug rehab program, you can focus completely on recovery, attending group and individual counseling sessions, as well as other types of therapy and exercises.  As a full-time resident, you won't have the distractions and concerns of your home or professional life.  Take the First Step to a Better Life and call one of the inpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers above.
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